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Yvette Price-Mear OLM

Who & Why

Yvette Price was born on Park Street in Mansfield Woodhouse in to David and Margaret Price (nee Kelk). At only five years of age, she went into Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital suffering from Perthes Disease (a disorder of the developing hip) expecting an overnight stay – and wasn’t discharged until she was aged seven!

Upon leaving the Hospital she vowed to return as a Nurse – this she did aged seventeen, but most unfortunately had to end her beloved nursing career aged just twenty-one due to her increasing disability caused by a curvature of the spine and a painful circulatory disorder. 

Absolutely devastated, she decided to dedicate her life to voluntary work. Since then, despite her lack of formal qualifications (having 3 ‘O’ Levels, honorary membership to the Tufty Club, an A.S.B.O. and an expired 1st Aid Certificate) she has been most fortunate to be recognised for the voluntary work that she started aged thirteen.

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1990 - 1999

  • In 1990 (aged 29) she was ‘Midlands Woman of the Year’.

  • In 1994 she attended a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

  • In 1995 she represented Nottinghamshire at the ‘Women of the Year Luncheon & Awards’ at the Savoy Hotel.

  • In 1997 her ‘Desert Island Discs’ were played and the Prime Minister Tony Blair invited her to a Reception at Number 10, Downing Street.

  • In 1998 she was the overall winner of the ‘Nationwide Award for Voluntary Endeavour’.

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2000 - 2009

  • In 2000 she won the ‘Listener of the Year Award’.

  • In 2001 she again represented Nottinghamshire at the ‘Women of the Year Luncheon & Awards’ and in recognition of this the Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council threw a Civic Reception in her honour.

  • In 2002 she had the honour of carrying the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Baton through her hometown of Mansfield. 

  • In 2003 she accidentally killed a squirrel. 

  • In 2005 she was a recipient of one of the 2005 Royal Mint 'Year of the Volunteer' Medals.

  • In 2006 she had a further invitation to a Reception at Number 10, Downing Street.

  • In 2008 she was the very proud recipient of the 'Andy Wallace Memorial Trophy for Voluntary Services to the Community'.

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In 2011 she was honoured by being awarded the Badge of the League of Mercy

This is Yvette at the Investiture (on 1st June 2011) receiving her medal from Lord Lingfield Kt DL Dlitt

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2013 - 2016

  • In 2013 she won the ‘Inspiring Personality of the Year’ in the Mansfield & Ashfield Pride Awards.

  • Also in 2013 Yvette was the main feature on ITV's 'Surprise, Surprise' They flew her good friend Diana Coulter over from Cheyenne, Wyoming to surprise her.

  • In 2016 Yvette was the Local Winner of the Halifax Bank 'Giving Extra' Awards.

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2018 - 2020

  • 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award and Ambassadorship bestowed by East Midlands Women’s Awards.

  • 2018  Mansfield Council for Voluntary Services ‘Outstanding Volunteer of the Year’ Award.

  • 2018 Mansfield CVS Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.

  • 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award and Ambassadorship bestowed by The East Midlands Women's Awards.

  • 2020 Recipient of the High Sheriff of Nottingham’s Award for Valuable Service to the Community.

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Yvette's Greatest Achievement

Her proudest achievement though is in her happy marriage to Tony Mear in October 1981 - and the births of her precious children Rebecca in October 1982 and David (Deev) in May 1989. 

Although they all occasionally drive her to distraction, she feels privileged to be so loved - and to be able to live her life as she chooses working full-time as a volunteer - purely due to the 100% love and tireless support of her family and friends.

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